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Full Version: Option Within Song Add to Collection/Setlist
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I am throwing this out so to gauge interest.

Sometimes I am playing through songs in a large collection (e.g., jazz) to decide what songs to add to another collection (Latin Jazz, Ready to Play Now, Backburner Jazz, etc) or a set list.

It would be convenient if you could have the option, while in the song, of adding it directly to a Collection or Set List.

Just figure I'd throw this out.  (occasioanally, I come up with ideas that people really can use).

Thanks, again, Mike for a great app and great support. . . and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (at least for U.S. users)!

You can already add it to a setlist (but not a collection).

Press centre of song to show editing icons
Press the "4 horizontal lines" icon near middle of bottom row
Press + and select your set list

If you decide you want to edit the song data, just press and hold the song name instead of pressing the "+".
Then select "Edit Song" (when it is displayed)

It can be added to a collection also as long as the 'always show title bar' in settings>display is checked. Just press the pencil icon at the top left which brings up the edit song page. Click on the collection and select the additional entries. It's just like doing the first/original song edit.
Thanks !