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Full Version: Metronome bug: Apply to all on new song
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Hi Mike

Just added a new version of a song using the companion (dragged it in with the mouse). In the same oepration, I set it to the required collection and setlist.
I then used companion to set the duration and the tempo to that of the previous version (which is under a different name).
I also used the companion to alter the name of the new song (but it's physical file name wasn't changed)

Going back to the tablet, I opened the song and selected the metronome.
In the metronome settings, I chose Auto Start and "Apply to All songs in the Setlist"
I was dumped out of MSP (when I say dump, I just mean that I was put back to the main screen of app icons)

Reran MSP and repeated the operations with the same effect.

As all the other songs in the setlist should already have Auto Start, I just selected it solely for the new song and it worked ok.
However, retrying "apply to all" again dumped me out of MSP

I hope this is enough info for you to find this bug.

Many thanks for your great program


PS: I'm running MSP 2.4.4
Just checked using an old setlist where all songs already set to Auto Start.

Selecting Auto start all exits MSP

Actually, just remembered that I hadn't "Loaded All" before selecting "Apply To All" - When I do this, MSP doesn't exit.

I will look into this - thanks.

This is still there in 2.4.9 unless you Load All first

(I hardly ever use Load All because it doesn't seem to be needed for the way I use MSP)


I've got a bug fix in place now for 2.5.0

Many thanks - Great support (as always)

Many thanks for fixing this (2.5.1)