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Full Version: Esc/Backspace key
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Can the Esc or Backspace key be programmed to return back to the library after entering a song?
It's not really a huge priority request, but when I'm working in "desktop mode" while doing library management, my natural tendency is to reach for the ESC key to go back.
You can assign the escape key yourself under Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions to return to the library screen. There are issues with using the escape key for actions though, namely that if you use escape to close a dialog that pops up, the escape key will still be processed and return to the library screen. I couldn't completely resolve all those kinds of issues which is why the default behavior for the escape key doesn't return to the library screen.

The Esc key cannot be used in the pedal settings dialogue because it automatically kicks out of the dialogue box. I guess what I'm asking is if there's any way for MSP to treat the Esc key the same as the back arrow that you get at the top when you long tap, leaving it functional for dialogue boxes but also functional for program navigation, same as a back arrow.
No, unfortunately not. The main problem is that focus matters a great deal when processing key events, and it's really difficult to know at any given time whether something will have focus (and I would have to add handlers for every single component that could receive focus in order to properly consume the key event). I use a global key listener for processing the pedal actions, which means that my listener gets triggered whether or not a dialog or other part of the application already processed the key that was pressed.  By the time my listener is triggered, it may have already gone through the normal processing for whatever component had focus. Like I said, trying to handle this all was a complete mess which is why I opted not to support using the escape key to go back to the library screen.