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Full Version: problem access Google Drive after update from mobilesheetsfree to mobilesheetspro
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I know there're severals topics on this problem to access google drive, but here's my case

on tablet Lenovo android 6.0.1
- I installed mobilesheetsfree and test access to google drive => OK
- I updated to mobilesheetspro by purchase directly to www.zubersoft, execute xxx.apk, enter the license key => OK
- I backuped in .msb from MSfree to MSpro because data folder is not the same on this 2 releases => OK

but now, from MSPro I can't access to my google drive, with this strange warning message in image below about impossible to access to "1QJ-w863xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

I can acces google drive from my PC, tablet with APP google drive, from mobilesheetsfree but not MobilesheetsPro

I tried to disconnect, restart, reboot, connect to dropbox, reconnect to google drive => no more success  Confused
I'll look into this right away - thanks for letting me know.
I have fixed the issue - I needed to fix some settings in Google's developer console to allow the Fastspring version of MobileSheetsPro to access Google Drive. If you test it now, it should work.