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Full Version: ChordPro: chords in comments issue
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In V2.4.5 chords in comments are not detected correctly. They are not formatted as chords and they are not transposed.
Chords in comment italic work as expected.

I'm sure that feature once worked correctly. The issue came up some versions ago, I can't say exactly when.
I have reported it already in an old thread:
I will get this fixed - thanks.

I finally remembered to look into this, and for me, the chords in the comments are transposed correctly. Is this still a problem for you?

You're right, the chords are transposed correctly.

But there's still a different behaviour between {comment:  and {comment_italic: 
Within {comment_italic: the chords are displayed formatted as chords, within {comment: the chords are formatted as comment.
That should be consistent, preferred to be formatted as chord as it is the case within {comment_italic:
The behaviour has changed a while ago, I can't say when.

I used the .pro file from my first post to make the attached screenshots.
I have a fix in place for this now so that the chords in comments will be rendered at the correct size. Thanks for identifying the problem.

You're welcome. Thank you for your phantastic support and great cooperation.