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Full Version: How to keep own sheets - many questions
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I play keyboards in a band and one member creates the setlist (150 titles) for all musicians. Everyone loads this created backup-file in his tablet.
Now my problem is:
1. I use round about 100 sheets of my own (e.g. with scores). After every update (about 3-4 times a year) I have to change every sheet manually (open-delete-reload-...). It takes a lot of time. Is there any possibility to change all sheets in one step?

2. I want to connect my Tyros4 / MODX8 with MSP to switch the registrations. But I expect, that every provided "band-update" will delete my adjustments. So I have to setup up every sheet again. Is this correct? Is there any solution?

Thank you for your help!
(I hope I could explain, what i mean - I'm no native speaker)
I don't think you should rely on library backup/restore anymore based upon your description. It would be much better to use the new library sync functionality for this. You can tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen and either select Sync Library->Sync to another device if you can connect to your band member's tablet, otherwise you could sync to a cloud folder and the band member could be in charge of updating the library in the cloud folder.  You'd probably want to change the merge behavior to "Prompt user for decision" so that you can ignore songs you don't want to change. Using this approach will also leave your MIDI settings in place.

I don't currently support synchronizing just a particular setlist/collection/etc, but I'm going to be adding options for this soon. If there are features that would make things easier for you, we can discuss them as possible enhancements.