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Full Version: Setlist Editor: Filtering by Duration issues
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While being in the Setlist Editor:
When I filter by Duration, nothing is filtered in the left column.
When I filter by Duration= 0:00, the right column is completely empty.
Other Duration values are filtered correctly in the right column.
see screenshots

Other filters work as expected, also in Setlist Editor.

In other views filtering seems to work fine, not only by Duration.
The right column is empty when I enter 0:00 into the search field, even with "All Fields" set. This is the reported bug: 0:00 is definitely there, in many Duration fields.
When I change "All Fields" to "Duration" the right column stays empty.
When I choose "Duration" first and enter 0:00 afterwards, the right column is filtered correctly and shows only songs with Duration 0:00
The left column is never filtered by the filter settings in the setlist editor. It's not designed to be. The filters are to help you locate songs to add to the setlist, not to filter what is currently being shown in the setlist in the left side. That would cause all sorts of issues if I filtered the left list (think about what it would do to the reordering logic if someone tried to move a song, or if they drag & drop a song into the filtered list, should it go after the previous or before the next?). 

As far as the duration bug, I only filter on duration if you explicitly pick duration as the search field. Otherwise duration is not processed because it is more intensive than other filter checks because every numeric duration value in the state table has to be converted to a string to do the comparison and I didn't want to slow down the speed of the filtering (especially with libraries with a huge number of songs in them). I also feel that it could cause unintended matches if I include duration as part of the check for "All Fields" as a user might want to filter on a number shown in the title, custom or song ID field, and instead the duration would show up as a match. So it appears that the bug is really that filtering is not applied when you switch the search dropdown. Once I fix that, everything should work as expected.

That sounds reasonable. Thank you.