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Full Version: Updating MobileSheetsPro Companion and connecting to tablet
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I'm using an Android tablet for the original software and two distinct Windows 10 PC's for MobileSheetsPro Companion.

In both PC's, the update process for the companion freezes before the end of the update.

I cannot acheive connecting the tablet and the PC.

In one PC, the version of the companion shows version 1.5.6 and the other PC shows version 2.7.9

While trying to connect, the tablet states : Your companion is not up to date and needs version 2.7.7

Please advise.

If the automatic updating is failing, uninstall the companion app, then download the latest installer off the website here and see if that installs correctly.

The companion app for MobileSheetsPro is version 2.7.9, so that is what you want to be running. If the window doesn't pop up showing the connection to the tablet, you can also try Connection->Manual Wifi Connect and enter the IP address of the tablet.