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Full Version: setlist template for church organists
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Hello I'm a french organist from Aix en Provence , please excuse my poor english ...
Since 6 month I have replaced more than three storage boxes
with my tablet and mobilesheets, my life has changed ;-)

I have a new feature proposition.
For the organists who play for the mass there is a similar program for each celebration
with sometimes the same song.

It would be useful if we can create a template of setlist with categories in which take the song
with a default song value

for example for all the catholic mass this template will have the followings songs or piece of music

Entry song
Pater Noster -> often the same
Agnus Dei
Exit song

Thanks for your excellent product


I would suggest just creating a setlist to act as the template with all of the songs you listed, then make copies of that setlist and modify them as needed. This is quite simple to do - just long press on the Setlist on the setlist tab, and tap the "Copy" option at the top of the screen to create a copy of the setlist.

When I'm building my church setlists, I copy the previous week and replace the 4 songs that change every week. When you switch to a different mass setting, obviously you will have to create a new list with updated gloria etc.