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Full Version: Unable to load MP3 file
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I am getting an odd message on some of my MP3 files.  Namely, it just says unable to load pathname/filename.mp3.  It doesn't happen on all MP3 files, just on some.  And those that do fail to load used to load just fine.  I think I've just been noticing this for about the last couple of weeks or so.  The message occurs when I click on the music name and the pdf loads.

By the way, I am able to go into a file manager and double click on the MP3 to have it load into the default music app and play just fine.
If you go into the settings for the audio player, do you have the experimental audio player enabled? If so, do the errors go away with that disabled? 

I can't find where to disable it globally.  I've looked through all the settings several times.
Load a song, tap the gear icon in the audio player at the top right and the checkbox is at the bottom of the settings dialog. Just to verify, if you go to Settings->About, what version are you running?

Ah, I hadn't realized that was a global setting. 

Yes it was set. And the version number is 2. 4. 5. Turning off that capability does seem to remove the issue.

I I didn't find any commonality to the particular songs with which there was an issue. For example there were songs for which for which I had changed the speed that loaded just fine. And others that I had never touched would not load. And and some that I had never touched that did load.