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Full Version: Blue Turn does not work after the last update
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Hello, since the last update my BlueTurn by Irig does not work anymore with mobilesheetspro. I have to reconnect it each time so that it turns over. It's the same with my bassist's tablet. Can I undo the update?
That has nothing to do with MobileSheetsPro. MobileSheetsPro does not connect to the pedal directly. It relies upon it being paired with the tablet, and the OS delivering key press notifications. So if you are suddenly encountering issues, it's either due to an OS update, a hardware problem or a drop in the bluetooth signal strength. 

Until the update, it worked without problems. Turn on, open mobilesheets, ready, the connection was there. But okay, then I'm looking for another software. So far MobileSheets has always worked well.
I can help you downgrade if you want, but it will have absolutely no impact on this problem. I can say this with complete confidence because I did not change a single line of code related to pedal processing between 2.4.4 and 2.4.5. As I mentioned before, I also don't communicate with the pedal directly, so an update can't impact that.  Send a message to if you want to downgrade and let me know which version of the software you want to go back to.