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Full Version: [2.4.9] song notes issue with new book mode
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Hi Mike,

When using the new book mode for the "Connect Devices" feature, two page songs, with song notes, have the notes also displayed on their second page, with no means for tapping them away there.


Hello Rudy,

Thanks - I've changed the code so that song notes aren't displayed on the slave device. I might release a follow-up update this weekend to address this and a few other bugs that have popped up. Another one that is a problem is that rotating the device while in book mode actually breaks the book mode functionality.

Thanks, this has been the update I have been waiting for.

When I use book mode with alternating pages, it will not display the last page on the slave tablet. The "end of song" message comes up on the master tablet and I never get the last page on the slave. (Songs with even number of pages)

Two page turn mode works fine.

I'll look into that - thanks.



I've added the code to fix this for 2.5.0.