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Full Version: Hide filters
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Hi all,

is it possible to hide some filters on the main screen?
I want to hide "Diff", "Genre", "Rating", and I want to show "Year".

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Hello Sven,

No, it's not possible to hide filters or add others. You can view additional filters by tapping the dropdown (so there is a "year" filter available), but you can't change the filters shown on the library screen. Once issue in making that all configurable is the space available. I would either need a different design (such as a panel you pull out from the side for the filters), or I would have to just have the filters section scroll horizontally, which may not be the best user experience. I have to support layouts the will both work on phones as well as large screen tablets and monitors.

Would it be feasible to place all of the search categories after 'SEARCH: Name' in the 'ADDITIONAL filters' dropdown?