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Full Version: Bookmarks issue on Onyx Boox Max 2
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Dear Mike,

Shortly I purchased aa Onyx Boox Max 2 for use with sheet music. Mobilesheets runs rather well on this device as mentioned in other topics. There is one major issue that I encounter: Bookmarks are not shown properly. Somehow the bookmark overlay window is wrongly formatted with som vertical text showing up.
This is a major issue as I work a lot with bigger PDF's and thus bookmarks, either TOC or made in MS, are a crucial feature. Could you have a look at this please?

Kind regards, Bas
I was just loaned an Onyx Boox Max 2 for testing as of this week, so I can finally look into issues like these. Thanks for letting me know.

I just tested bookmarks on the Onyx Boox Max 2, and it worked just fine for me. I did not see any vertical text. There are lots of issues with the theme that I'm going to have to address. I'm actually considering creating and selling an Onyx specific version of the application that I would sell through my Fastspring store. Existing users that purchased through Google Play would be transferred over to that version for free. 

I should mention that I updated the firmware on this Boox Max 2 to the latest before using it. Did you update your firmware to the latest? It looks like they released a firmware update on 12/26/18. 

Thank you, Mike, for looking into this. I have the same latest firmware. I also reinstalled MSP. I really wonder what could cause this weird behaviour that does not show up on your Onyx.
Can you take a picture of it so I can see what it looks like on your device?

Aha, just found out that it is the Dutch translation that causes the formatting error. Switching to English solves it completely. I suppose something was lost in translation… This might be easily solved I suppose?
That should help me reproduce it - thanks. I'll see what I can figure out.

That would be nice, meanwhile I can easily use the English version, no problem. Happily inserting bookmarks in some scores now ;-)