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Full Version: Option to sync libraries without mp3
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I use MSP on two devices : one laptop for home training and a W10 tablet for band rehearsals and gigs.
On my laptop, I attach some MP3s backing tracks to songs to help working at home but I don't need these on the tablet with I want to only host music sheets.

Because I mainly build and edit my library on the laptop (easier with big screen, keyboard and mouse), I regularly sync the lib to the tablet and the attached MP3s are synced as well.

Would it be possible to add an option to the sync library feature in order to discard MP3s when syncing ?

I hope my request is clear enough...

Hello Olivier,

Sure, I can add an option not to sync audio files. I'll probably include this when I enhance the library sync to include options for filtering on what songs to sync.

Hello Mike,

Thank you very much.

And BTW, filtering songs like you intend to add (on collections basis for example?) would also be a very useful feature.

MSP get better on each release. Very nice work.