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Full Version: How to Sync via Dropbox
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I am trying to use Dropbox to sync my android device and windows Surface device.

In android I select Sync Library > Synchronize to a cloud folder > Select folder to merge to > Dropbox

However, on my windows Surface device, when I click to select folder I don't get the option to select Dropbox, instead it takes me straight to OneDrive login. 

How do I select Dropbox for syncing?

Thanks for your help,

It sounds like you may have Dropbox disabled in the settings  If you go to Settings->Storage you will see an option for enabling the Dropbox integration. Once you enable it, you should get an option to connect to Dropbox on the sync screen. Let me know if this is not the case. 

Yes, you are right. I have enabled it and all is working well.

Thank you for your help!