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Full Version: Side load a folder containing] pdf and mp3
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I have a multi-page pdf containing lessons with sheet music. It has multiple mp3's included. Can I side load a file folder containing both the pdf's and mp3's, into MSP, same location as the other folders made by MSP, without messing things up. The pdf and each of the mp3's have different names.

My goal is to select a mp3 from the list [of 47] on the player to match a lesson as needed.
You can certainly do that, but if you don't disable "Let MobileSheets Manage my Files" under Settings->Storage, then MobileSheetsPro will still want to copy all of those files to the individual folders for each song. If you are just importing mp3s, then you can disable the "Copy Audio" option and MobileSheetsPro will use the audio files from the folder you've created.

It's a import [load] a bunch of mp3's to support the pdf, ex., 'Follow along using track 3, exercise xxxxx.mp3' [47 different track names].
If I uncheck 'copy audio files' and load the mp3s into the folder with the pdf, will it go back later and create new folders for each mp3 if I turn the 'copy audio files' back on?
No, it will continue to use the files in their original location if you turn that setting back on after importing.