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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro v2.5.3 Released
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Another update has been released for Android in order to fix some reported issues. The following issues have been addressed:
  • Fixed crash at startup on some devices that do not properly support the new audio library
  • Fixed issues with the application not responding when editing songs
  • Fixed transposing issues with certain slash chords
  • Fixed potential application not responding issues when importing large files shared from other applications
  • Fixed audio player layout issues on smaller devices
  • Fixed issue with the option to automatically connect to tablets at startup not working under certain conditions
  • .csv files without columns, such as those used by other sheet music applications, can now be imported
  • If updating an existing song during a file conflict, the song will now be added to the groups selected on the import settings dialog
The Windows 10 update is being tested and finalized and should be available for download this week.

".csv files without columns, such as those used by other sheet music applications" - what's that?
Could somebody post an example please.
Here is an example of an unrealbook csv file:

It's just title followed by filename followed by page number, all separated by commas.

You can see a list of CSV files in that format here:

Thank you for the info and for the links.