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Full Version: Export to Dropbox - I can't select the directory
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I don't know if I'm doing this incorrectly or what. Tonight I wanted to put a Mobile Sheets Pro song in a Dropbox directory that is not the last one I used. 

I selected the file from a setlist,
clicked Share,
Share files,
Add to Dropbox,
kept the default options, said OK.

A screen opened that shows: x Add [filename] to
Over on the right is a new folder button.
On the bottom is and ADD button. Clicking that brings up Create new folder. There is a folder icon that is not clickable. I don't want to create a new folder; I want to move to a different existing folder.
The rest of the screen is a not-activated list (faded out) of files in a folder that is not the folder to which I want to add the file. 

The only options I see are to click the x, which exits; create a new folder, or add the song to the folder it selected, presumably based on my selecting that somehow previously.

I don't understand how I ever selected that folder, and I don't know how to select another folder. The setlist from which I selected the file is not related in any way to the Dropbox folder that is coming up.

Am I doing this wrong, or is it not working correctly?
OK, wait. The 10th time I tried this, I thought I was just exiting and clicked the tablet device back button. That brought up the list of my Dropbox folders, still with the Add [filename] to at the top. 
Uh. Okay. I guess I have this. Yep, tried that again. That's how that works. 
Really, I was looking for a button or something in the software to Change the folder. As I said, clicking the device back button for me meant that I was giving up.

I'm not sure what you are using to specify the folder. It sounds like you are using Share->Share songs and files and then selecting Dropbox as the target. You might want to try Share->Export songs and files and then pick a Dropbox folder through the MobileSheetsPro file browser. That may work better for you.