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Full Version: "Failed to succesfully complete library merge" after editing page order
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Hallo guys,

After the 2.5.7. update I got a trange issue:

When editing the page order of a file and then try to sync to the cloud database, MS-Pro fails to "succesfully complete library merge".
When reseting the page order the sync also works fine again.

On a file with 53 pages when the page order is 1-53, everything works fine. When I change it to: "1-13,23-53" the library does not merge.

Is this a bug, or I am doing something wrong?

I'll try to reproduce this and see if there obvious bugs that need to be fixed.

Hallo Mike,

There is an update to my previous issue:
I followed your instructions on this thread:Lost annotations after restoring page ordering
and copied the file. In the copied file, I changed the page order, I then synchronized to my cloud-database and everything worked fine. (so no "failed to succesfully complete library merge" error anymore.
I tried to reproduce this issue and did not have any luck. I might need to get a copy of the problematic song (long press it, then share->Export as .msf and email the .msf to Then hopefully I can figure out where the problem is.