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Full Version: Losing Persistant Filter (resolved)
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I have 1,468 songs on MS.  I have a persistent filter to eliminate all Xmas songs which gives me 1,390 songs.  if I set this filter it eliminates the Xmas songs but then if I do a search on something and then X out the search MS is losing the filter and showing me all 1,468 songs.
The persistent filter option means the last selected filters are persisted when stopping and restarting the software. If you tap the X button to clear the filters, then all of the filters cleared. It's not going to revert to the last saved persistent filters if you clear them. There is no such thing as a permanent filter in MobileSheetsPro that the clear button won't clear. If you save your filters (tap the save icon at the far right side of the filters bar), then you can always tap the folder and load your filters back after clearing them.