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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro for E-Ink Devices now available
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A specialized version of MobileSheetsPro optimized for e-ink devices such as the Boox Max 2 Pro is now available on the FastSpring store here:

This version is different from the standard version of MobileSheetsPro in the following ways:

- The entire application uses a light theme.  Almost all icons and text are black on white providing the greatest contrast and easy readibility. All screens in the application have been updated to work well on e-ink devices.
- Almost all animations in the app have been eliminated. This results in faster page turns, better transitions between tabs on the library screen, and fewer graphical artifacts.
- Freeform annotations with the stylus utilize special rendering on Boox devices allowing the drawings to show up in real time. This makes it much easier to write and draw. The stylus eraser can also be used when in freeform mode to draw a box around content to erase.
- Optimizations have been put in place for pinch zooming and scrolling to make them more fluid
- A new application icon was created that matches the design of the other standard application icons. 

If you are the owner of an e-ink device such as the Boox Max 2 Pro, this is the version you will want to use. For users that have already purchased MobileSheetsPro through the FastSpring store, you can download to replace your current version with the e-ink version. For users that purchased through Google Play, you will need to contact me at so I can provide a license key after verifying your previous purchase information.

I may put together a short video clip of the Boox Max 2 Pro running this version if any users are interested. I am extremely impressed with the Boox Max 2 Pro now and I think it's a great choice for anyone wanting a 13" device with great battery life.

That sounds fantastic. I would love to see some footage.
I'm interested to see the video clip too.
Does this means the long awaited annotation rework is about to come for the rest of us?
I wish I could find a 22 inches E-Ink to get every day advantage of thiose new features!
I even consider the price of buying two 13'' units to be able to use that new version!
Yes, the rework is at the top of my list. I just wanted to get the e-ink version created as the standard version has some serious usability issues on e-ink devices.
I've put together a short video here demonstrating what it looks like on the Boox Max 2 Pro:

It's nothing fancy, but hopefully that shows how well the app works now with the new design.  For those that have seen the app with the old design, I'm sure it will seem much nicer. If people want a comparison, I can show that as well.

Wow, that looks amazing. Annotating nearly instant. Everything very fast for an ereader.

Finally proper A4 Android option with long battery life. Thank you!

Personally I still like better Sony's DPT-RP1.
The only glitch to be sorted on rooted version is how to enable Bluetooth page turner. Unfortunately Sony crippled 2nd generation to BT data transfer only.
Looks like 3rd gen. of Digital Paper is on the way this year.
This all looks amazing!  I had been looking into getting a Max2 e-reader and then I saw your post about the new version of MobileSheets.  I use a lot of scrolling with my current version, is there much delay when doing this on an e-reader.  Your demo was on the pro version which has more Ram then the the previous Max2.  I was thinking of getting that’s one primarily because it is black and would blend into a stand better, do you feel that there is a performance difference running the MS software on either version?
There is a little bit of delay with scrolling because I had to disable A2 processing. The reason is that, if A2 is enabled, which allows for smooth scrolling, 2 seconds after you stop interacting with the screen the tablet will do a complete screen refresh, which flashes black and then white. This is extremely annoying, because it occurs if you scroll any of the lists even the smallest amount. So I opted to turn off A2 processing for the lists, which means the scrolling stutters much more (typical performance for an e-ink device), but it doesn't flash in your face when you release.

I don't think there would be a significant difference in performance between the Boox Max 2 and Boox Max 2 Pro as far as MobileSheetsPro is concerned. I can ask my contact at the e-reader store ( about this, as he has tested many different e-ink devices.


Update: My contact said he has been testing only on the Boox Max 2, and it works great.
Thanks for the update about the scrolling, I think with a larger screen size I may not need to scroll as much but am really looking forward to the battery improvement and ease on the eyes.  I appreciate you answering my questions as you’ve always been really helpful.  Thanks, ordering my ereader today!
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