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Full Version: Song versions?
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I occasionally run into the following situation.

With a couple of friends we (sometimes spontaneously) decide to play a couple of songs. So I take my tablet, create a new setlist, and transfer some of my existing songs to it. Meanwhile some other songs are send to me by the other participants so I add these as well.

During rehearsal, or during the gig, we decide to make changes to some of the songs. Play faster or slower, change the key, add some annotations. For the sake of simplicity, let's concentrate on a single song, 'Caledonia', that I play a.o. with the Irish group HowsaGoin. During the aforementioned gig we change its key from Bflat to D.

This change affects the actual song, so the next time I play this song with HowsaGoin I suddenly have it in the wrong key.

To overcome this, I must either remember to undo all changes (impossible), or the changes must be kept local to the setlist (alternatively, collection) and not affect other lists.

Mike, is this dealt with the 'song versions' you are working on?
Yes, this problem could certainly be solved with the song versioning feature I have planned. Basically, think of the song versioning like making a copy of a song and that copy can have any different values/files you want, but it's all saved under one song entry on the library screen. For each setlist you have, you can switch the versions of the songs that are in use. 

Having said that, you could have solved the problem in the same basic way - duplicate your song, and only modify the copy of the song during the gig. The problem is that your setlists/collections would still reference the original and not the copy. That's the major benefit of the song versioning - you could create a new version of the song, switch the setlist to use that version, then when you are done, just delete the version. 

Let me know your thoughts on this.

This sounds very interesting, and very useful!