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(04-25-2019, 09:19 PM)sciurius Wrote: [ -> ]Why do you think in-app purchases will attract more users than the current trial/pro method?

Mike was worried the poor reviews of the free version could adversely affect sales. People were trying to find a way of combining the free & paid for version so there was a single set of good reviews. I was just suggesting another way of doing this.

I would have thought a single "unlock this free version" payment wouldn't be too confusing. A bit like the "pay to remove the ads" button lots of apps have. I wasn't suggesting having any more than the one.

People were talking about a time limited version. I suggested limiting the size of the database for the "free" version (which I've just realized is what Mike does already for the separate free version). This might be easier to do and more difficult to circumvent.

I'm quite happy with the existing scheme, but I wouldn't want Mike to loose sales because of poor reviews of the free version.


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