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Full Version: Repeat Mode sometimes works sometimes not
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Title says it all. Anybody else experiencing this? I always use MS for .pdf setlists.
I disagree; the title is not at all informative.

How about explaining what you are trying to achieve, how you are doring it and exactly what happens?

With repeat mode on, when I get to the end of the last song and attempt to page forward sometimes it goes to the first song as expected in Repeat Mode. In some Setlists it stays at the end of the last song.
Does the problem reliably occur with the same setlists every time, and not others? If so, please long press one of the problematic setlists, tap Share->Export songs and files and send the .msf file to I will then import the .msf file and page through the setlist with repeat mode on to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Email sent. Thanks Mike
I performed a "reset settings to default" then reselected all my preferred settings and everything is working fine now.