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Full Version: Donner Bluetooth Pedal
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I bought a Donner BT pedal that lasted 17 months, used infrequently on carpet.
It broke because:
a) the design of the pedal uses a flexing motion of the plastic hinge
b) the material selection that fails due to fatigue.

It was a great pedal until it failed. But be warned, it will fail - there's just no getting around it.

I had dialogue with Donner explaining the design flaws above, and while they did never acknowledge they offered 50% discount on a new pedal. I did not accept the offer, since it would also fail.

Donner customer service was prompt, but they failed to address the issue.

On Amazon, you will see good reviews - while the pedal works, and then the pedal fails. So not many folks do an update. But you can read the common failure on Amazon.

I cant recommend this pedal.
Thank you for the review of the Donner pedal. I have yet to recommend it to users as I never tested one myself. I will make sure to warn users about this from now on.