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Full Version: library sync to another devices: "keys" not synchronized and deleted on client
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I am using a WIN 10 tablet as server (2.6.3) and an Android tablet (2.6.2) as client.
Synchronizing to another device, update Client, all checkboxes on, only "delete songs" is off,
always use data from server, wifi connection.

After sync all keys of all songs on the client are deleted!
My fault?
Are keys set for all of the songs on the Windows 10 tablet?

No, only about 40 %.
I fill in the keys (and other meta data) every time I play a sheet the first time.
Even the songs that had keys on Windows 10 did not have keys after being merged to Android? I will have to see if I can reproduce this with some simple tests. 

I have 4155 sheets in my database. 1747 of these sheets have keys in WIN 10.
None of all 4155 songs have keys after sync to Android.
Hi Mike,
weren't you able to reproduce that problem?
Am I doing something wrong?
So I ran a series of tests and the only time I ran into an issue was when my source library had duplicate key entries. For example, if you go to Settings->Library Settings->Tab Order, tap Keys so it's in the displayed list on the left, tap OK to accept the changes, go back to the library screen, and then go to the keys tab, see if you have multiple entries such as Am, Am, B, B, etc. If you do, you'll have to clean that up and delete the duplicates, as normally duplicate group names are not supposed to be allowed and can cause issues with synchronization. I'm not sure how these duplicate key entries wind up in some libraries - it may be a problem when migrating from the original MobileSheets...

If you do not have duplicate keys and still run into this issue, let me know, as I may need to get a library backup from you in order to reproduce the problem.

(05-02-2019, 06:33 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]... If you do, you'll have to clean that up and delete the duplicates...
Thank you Mike.
All keys appear twice in the key-list.
To each second key appearance there are no files attached.

I don't know how to clean up the key duplicates.
You'll need to go to Settings -> Library Settings -> Tab Order, add the Keys tab, go to the Keys tab, long press a key to start selection mode, tap each one to delete then tap Delete at the top of the screen. Let me know if you run into any problems with this.

Thank you , Mike.
I was able to delete the key duplicates.
After that the synchronization was successfull (and much faster than before).