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Full Version: Unconventional use of MSP
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I now use MSP to work Sudoko puzzles. I get them as a jpg from a friend via email, and save the jpg. I found a converter program, Xnconvert, to change them into pdf format and save them to a folder. When I open the pdf, Windows gives me the option of opening apps, which includes MSP. In MSP I can use annotations to make the entries with a stylus. The puzzle can be saved if not completed and it can be reopened to continue. So far the stylus, pencil and eraser is all I've needed to use. I made a folder in Collections. to keep them organized. This is the first app combo on Windows. I've tried several android app combos and this works far, far better than any of them. I haven't looked for a good converter yet on android and the jpg editors haven't worked out too well. I don't want to use any of the online converters.
That is a really cool use for MSP. Thanks for sharing that!