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Full Version: No communitacion on the line MSPro – Korg pa2x
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Good morning
Below comes from my friend:

I have been using MobileSheets pro for Windows v 2.6.3 for over two weeks and korg pa2x.
Application was installed on the Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 10 Pro system version 1803.
System compilation 17134.706

I have some problems with communication.
I am 100% sure that configuration (on the tablet and Korg sites) is correct, because it had been working.
I tried almost everything, exchanging the USB cable, checking configuration.
One important thing, every time I connect tablet to the korg pa2x, I can hear sound indicating that the communication was establishsed.
Mike, could you be so kind and check the communication Tablet-Korg works as it should?
Kind regards
I have tested the MIDI functionality with a Yamaha S90ES and a KORG micro-AIR. Both work just fine for me with the Windows 10 version. I do not have a large KORG keyboard to test with such as the pa2x or pa4x. You are the second user to indicate that they are now encountering issues with MIDI and KORG keyboards even though I didn't change anything except updating some libraries from Microsoft. There are newer versions of those libraries, but when I used them, it caused some users to be unable to install or run MobileSheets. If you are willing to test a build of MobileSheets that uses the updated libraries from Microsoft, we can see if it works properly for you. Send me an email at if you are willing to test this. Otherwise I will have no idea what to change to address this problem.


Not sure if this is relevant:

Do you have the latest drivers? Also, do you have Windows 10 version 1809?
Dear Mike please check the email, I have just sent to you.
Dear Mike, Above topic is back as boomerang
The problem still exists.
I performed some additional steps
1. I restored my Surface Pro tablet to the default settings (system Windows was installed once again) - Windows 10 Pro version 1809 compilaion 17763.1
2. I installed MobileSheets from Microsoft Store (v 2.6.9)
3. I have made correct MIDI settings
Without success.
What is more, I checked my conncetion with Android tablet (wokrs like a harm). So it is not a problem of my Korg pa2x Pro

Could you be so kind and test MIDI communication on the line Korg – MobileSheets installed on Windows Maschine?
I connected my Windows device to my KORG microKEY Air, and could immediately receive messages from it. So it all seems to be working fine for me.  Was there a version where it was working okay for you?

(09-06-2019, 12:55 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]  Was there a version where it was working okay for you?


Yes. There was version that I installed on 19th of April 2019 which worked. But I don't remember version number.
A lot of changes have occurred since version 2.6.2 which was released then. There are two options - I can help you revert back to version 2.6.2 of the Fastspring version, or you can help me investigate what's going on with your device/keyboard combination and we can see if there is something that needs to be fixed in the code. This will involve installing a custom version of the software (based on the Fastspring version which can be installed alongside the Microsoft Store version). Email me at with your decision and we will go from there.

Dear Mike we could start with previous version from the day when It was bought to confirm if it works as it had been at the beginning.
Kind regards
Send me an email at and I can help you with this.

As a follow-up to this thread, I wanted to mention that there is a way to get any keyboard such as the KORG keyboards to connect to MobileSheets: add a hub between the keyboard and the device. One user had success using a simple USB hub like this: HAMA Hub USB 2.0

I'm purchasing a mio2 for testing:

Essentially, if you put any MIDI class compliant device between your keyboard and the device running MobileSheets, it should get detected correctly as there is no longer a special driver required for the communication. This does mean running MIDI cables out of the keyboard in most cases, unless you have a device that can converter a USB input to class compliant MIDI on the other end such as this: