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Full Version: Modify the Companion icon.
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This is really minor, but would you consider putting a transparent 'C' in the Companion app? When both apps are reduced on the task bar they look the same without the text title. Besides, they really are 2 different apps.  Smile  Don't ask why I have them both, I'm still learning what to do on the 2in1.
If I'm going to spend time modifying the icon, I'd rather just come up with a completely different variant for it. Something that indicates it is used on a PC to link to a tablet, but I really don't know how to capture that in an icon as I'm not a graphic artist.  For most users, there usually isn't a good reason to run the companion application on the same machine that is running the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets, especially running them at the same time, as the two can't communicate with each other on the same machine. So this is definitely a low priority thing but if anyone is good at designing icons and wants to come up with something, let me know.

Ok, one more lesson learned about MSP on Windows.