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Full Version: Links do not work as expected
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Hallo Mike,

I'm working on a piece with 25 pages and I am turning the pages with an "AIRTURN DUO" 
(With the 2 pedals set to "Activate Previous Link Or Go to Previous Page" and "Activate next Link Or Go to next Page" respectively)  

On the middle of the last page there is a "Del Segno al Coda" repeat. The Segno sign is on the 1st page, so I inserted a (blue) link to jump from the 25th to the 1st page. On the 3rd page the sign "To Coda" sends me again to the last page. On the 3rd page I iserted a second (red) link to jump to Coda. 
When I'm playing the piece through, everything works as expected.

During the rehearsal though, when I sometimes play until pages 5-6 and then return to pages 3-4 (remember the second (red) link is on page 3), to repeat a passage then the second red link is triggered, when I push the pedal to go to the next (5-6) pages again.
And this although the first (blue) link has not being triggered yet. So the link sends me to the last page. Even if I use the left pedal to return to previous link, the right pedal will trigger again the second (red) link. The only possibility then is to go to the next page

I always thought, that the links have a priority order: the second link can only bee triggered after the first link has being triggered and so on.
Is this not the case?

It could be (and has being) more problematic, when I change the page by mistake to early and have to jump back with the left pedal. Any link on these pages will be now triggered. 

I hope my question is clear and not written too complicated.

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
You are correct in your thinking - the links points are supposed to be triggered in order. I will have to create the same test you are describing and look through the logic to see where the bugs are.