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Full Version: "Close" button in Settings invisible (responsive design)
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Hi Zuberman and community,
If I open the settings dialogues on a small screen (or for me: split screen), the view changes from two columns to one. So far, so good, but if I'm in one of the tabs (let's say Info), it seems I cannot go back to the top level. Well, as I found out some moments later, I actually can, bringing up the windows top bar and tapping on the "back"-arrow there. I nevertheless think that this should be more obvious. If I go down another layer (e.g. open the touch actions in the touch&pedal settings tab), I get a blue navigation bar on the top; maybe you could just show this always as soon as the column containing the close button is hidden?

Thanks for your support as always!
I've added a little back button next to the header text if the screen switches to the single column mode. This should be easier to use than having to know about dragging the window title bar down.

This sounds really useful: Nice and simple. Thanks!