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Full Version: Import dialog: Title
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The preview of the title with the possibility to edit is great.
In case of ChordPro files using the title as specified by the tag {title: within the file is missing.
{title: has been used previously (as far as I remember) when "guess title" was selected.
For the import dialog a third option "Use title from file" in the selection list would be even better.
It should be displayed only in case a ChordPro file is imported.
At the moment, {title:} is always used if Settings->Text File Settings->Use Text Fields During Song Creation is enabled. If that is disabled, then the dropdown on the settings dialog is honored. While I can add an additional option that applies if only a text/chord pro file is imported, what happens if the user selects both a PDF and text chord pro file? I can't allow a title setting to be selected that doesn't work for PDFs. Do I need to add something like a checkbox that only shows up when one of the files being imported is a text/chord pro file to control whether {title:} should be used? 

OK, I should have investigated it in more detail.

I usually import songs one by one, so I did not consider importing more than one file at once. If more than one file is imported, no title preview is shown. "use filename" vs. "guess title" makes sense. It works fine. ChordPro files are a logical exception.

If one PDF is imported, the title preview field shows the future song title according to the setting of "use filename" / "guess title" . If I edit the title in the preview field and press ok, the edited title from the preview is taken over correctly.
That also works fine and is very convenient. Excellent.

If one single ChordPro file is imported with "Use Text Fields During Song Creation" = ON, "use filename" / "guess title" is shown and a title preview is shown according to the setting of "use filename" / "guess title". I can edit the title preview.
This is inconistent and confusing: no matter if I edit the title preview or not, after closing the import window the song title is always the one that has been read from the file, not that from the preview.
There are several possibilities to handle that correctly:
"use filename" / "guess title" just could be deactivated to state that it has no effect.
The selection could be active and a  third option "use title from file" could be added as proposed before.
Title preview could be displayed or not. If it is shown, it should show the correct title according to the selection list.
If the preview is shown, it could be deactivated or not. If it is editable, the song title should be taken over from the edited preview as above.

Feel free to fix that or not. It is not important as I know now what's happening.
I can set the checkbox "Load song editor after import" and everything is nice & easy.