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Full Version: Default for "Confirm delete"
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If I delete a song from the "Songs" tab, the checkbox "Delete Song Pdf/Image/Text Files" is ON by default.
This is different to the Android version of MSP and has some risk to loose a file unintendedly.
Please change the default to OFF. Thanks.
It's actually not different. If "Let MobileSheets Manage My Files" is enabled in the Android version, then that checkbox is always checked by default if the file used by the song is inside the MobileSheetsPro storage location. On Windows 10, files are always inside the storage location and MobileSheets has to manage them, so due to the fact that it's using the same logic as Android, the box is checked by default. For users who use the default storage location of MobileSheets, I believe that box always should be checked, as they are never going to know to go find the file in the default storage location later to delete it if they don't need it. 

So the question is this: if a user has selected a custom storage location for Windows 10, should I uncheck that box and leave it up them to have to clean up their files if they choose not to check that box?

On Android I have unchecked "Let MobileSheets manage my files", on Windows I use d:\HerbertsGoogleDrive\_MobileSheets\ as a custom storage. This allows accessing all my song files directly, pretty much the same behaviour on Windows as on Aandroid. So I would appreciate having "Delete Song Pdf/Image/Text Files" OFF by default.
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