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Full Version: Audio Player weblink
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I would like to request the ability to add a weblink (to you tube for example) instead of having audio downloaded.

Then, when play is pressed, MSP launches a web browser from the link.

Would putting a smart button to the browser link on the displayed song work?
Yes, that would do it but how do I add web link to a smart button, I don't see the option.

I just tried them out to see what they did some time back. 
I can't figure out how to assign a button to a browser [android]. Sorry, I guess I'm wrong about being able to do it that way.
How about it Mike? @Zubersoft
I will have to add support for using URLs with smart buttons. I also want to add the ability to trigger playback of a selected audio file and skip to a specific time in that file using smart buttons. I can do this all at the same time.