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Full Version: Need Manual for MObile Sheets PC Companion
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HI, John P here,
I have backed up by MobileSheets files from my Kindle to my PC using the PC companion.  However, I am thinking that the PC Companion would run just like Mobile sheets on my device. 
It would be nice to work on things from my PC.
But I don't get it.
How do you use the PC companion for anything besides backup. And is the backup file really a back up containing all the files necessary to run Mobile Sheets.
I am sorry.  I have explored the PC companion.  I am usually good in figuring things out but , I just don't get it.
A little starter help or a manual would be good.  Thanks,
John P
The Companion is not used/needed in Windows, its an interfacing app for android users.
The companion application is used just to help manage the library of a connected device. The idea is that some things are easier with a mouse and keyboard instead of doing it all on the tablet. The companion application is not designed to run without a connection to a device. 

If you need MobileSheets to run on your PC as a standalone application, you would to need to purchase the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets off the Microsoft Store. Then you can restore your library backup to that version.