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Full Version: Smart button that links to a url
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Is there a way to add a smart button to a page that links to a url? I want to create a link to a Spotify song like this:
That is being added with the next update which I'm finishing up and releasing as soon as possible. Triggering the URL will bring up whatever application the OS thinks should handle that url. Hopefully this will all work for what you are wanting.

That's exactly what I mean. Thanks for adding this feature.
Hmm. I would have expected "" to open the web browser but it does open the Spotify app on Android. Trickery?
One of things you can do on Android is to enter "intent-filter" values in the manifest which indicates what types of data your application can handle. These xml entries allow you to specify the uri scheme, mimeType, etc. Spotify most likely set up an intent filter to match on a uri that contains so that their app will trigger instead of a browser. I use these intent filters in MobileSheetsPro so that my app is listed as one that supports, pdf, images, chord pro, text files, .msf files and .mss files.