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Full Version: How to Update?
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Hi, I see my version of MSP is 2.5.8. Can't seem to find a way to update it in settings? Please advice, thanks! (I have a Samsung Android tablet).
If you bought it from the google play store, then opening the play store app, tapping the menu at the top right and selecting "My apps & games" will give a list of all the apps that need updating. This should include MSP.

If you bought it from somewhere else (like Amazon), then I'm not sure, but presumably going to that store and looking for the app should show if there are updates.


Thanks! You reminded me how to do it. It's been a while. I went into the tablet's settings, then apps, then clicked on MSP, then scrolled down to the update option. I first tried the store and there was no option to update. But it jogged my memory! I love that feature when selecting tunes for picking the next letters: more letters and no extra clicks!