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Full Version: "Da capo" problem with pedal
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Hello @all,

for less surprise on what comes next at the page ends I want to scroll 50% of the page each time I tap on a Donner 2-button pedal, either up or down. At the end of the score I would like to use the "da capo" function: to return to the 1st page in advancing pedal use direction with just one tap.

When scrolling back this works perfectly: Being at the start of a score, PAGE_UP switches instantaneously to the last score page. The chosen function is (German translation given here as shown in my setting, in order not to confuse things) "Am oberen Ende nach oben scrollen oder umbl├Ąttern".

But: In forward direction, PAGE_DOWN just doen't do anything when the last page of the score is reached. I chose the corresponding function "Am unteren Ende nach unten scrollen oder umbl├Ąttern".

The pedal is set to mode 1: "Up | Dn"

This post relates to the free version 2.6.2 that I am presently evaluating before going to buy the Pro version.

Kind regards,


If you want to just scroll and turn pages, did you enable "Repeat Mode"? That would be necessary for the app to go from the last page back to the first. The other option is you can use link points to trigger a jump from one page to another. If you use the "Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page" pedal action, then this will handle both turning pages and triggering points. That would be my recommendation. Lastly, you can change the page order to repeat pages so that you don't have to jump backwards at any point in the score. This is also an excellent way to deal with repeats and often simplifies things greatly.

Hi Mike,

Quote:If you want to just scroll and turn pages, did you enable "Repeat Mode"? That would be necessary for the app to go from the last page back to the first.

Oops, no, I didn't set it (at least not deliberately) - assuming that what works backwards would work forward as well. As I wrote: With my given settings the reverse scrolling from page 1 to page 'last' with one pedal tap works flawlessly (although I cannot imagine any reasonable application for this functionality Wink ) and invoking a forward scroll event with my finger tipping on the screen (when last page is shown) does indeed do what I would expect from the pragmatically identical pedal usage. Therefore I am somewhat confused with the app's differing reaction.

But you are right: I understood the page ordering function only after I wrote my initial post in this thread. So the "da capo" function is readily satisfiable by this function with very few effort.

Thanks for the discussion,
With repeat mode disabled, I cannot reproduce what you are describing. If I use the "Scroll Up or Turn Page if at Top" setting on the first page with repeat disabled, I get a popup message that indicates I'm at the start of the song. It does not go to the last page. So I'm not sure why you are seeing that behavior.

Hello Mike,

I checked the reported behaviour (for vertical continuous scrolling) once again: With repeat mode enabled, my description from above is reproduced:
Pedal behaviour: Backwards scroll at document start shows last page of score, forward scroll on last page does nothing - so no "da capo" without previous page ordering.
Finger tipping behaviour: Both directions work as assumed, but do not obey scroll settings (50% of screen for me) but relate to shown page!

With repeat mode disabled I get the alerts "Begin of Song" and "End of Song" respectively.