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Full Version: Battery Percentage on score
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Hi Mike,

impressive list of new features in 2.6.5 considering all the bug fixing you had to to with the Windows update problems. Kudos and thanks.

One small idea concerning the new clock feature:

Can you combine it with a battery percentage shown in the same way?

Personally I would have more use for seeing how much power I still have in my tablet on the score than what time it is.

Since you've alredy added the clock overlay please consider the same for battery percentage (and not just a battery graphic, actual percentage is appreciated).
That is my plan, I just haven't had time to add it yet. I'm tracking it here and I have the list of icons I want to use. As far as the percentage shown, I may make that optional as some people may just want a general idea of where the battery is at whereas others may want to know the exact percentage.

Nice. TU.