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Full Version: MS on Raspberry Pi?
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Since the only mentioning of the Raspberry Pi (Raspi) gadgets dates some years back I'd like to bring it back to focus once again:

With the recent Raspi V 3B+ there is quite some power on the board, and a readily available ecosystem that could feed any HDMI monitor for display, with the touch functionality available by parallel USB cabling. Pedals may be attached via Bluetooth.

Regarding quite large, quite cheap and quite low powered monitors with 12 V supply lines, together with increasingly cheap powerbanks, there is a very good potential to set up a very interesting large wireless score display for a real 2-pager that would not require a microscope to read.

This being said - what about running MS on a Raspi?   Blush 

Check out a stick computer with a monitor.
Stick computers may be a solution, but you are stuck with the operating system they are delivered with and won't be able (at least this is my fear) to upgrade the system beyond the one you once bought it with.

I installed an Android 7.1.2 on a Raspi yesterday and succeeded in putting MS to it as well. And yes, it worked with foot pedals and mouse. But the response of the whole system is kind of slooow, much slower than would be if MS could be used natively on a basic Raspbian.

Apart from that, a scan through a larger series of 22" screens revealed that they  tend to be not so lightweight as I had hoped. Has anyone in here tried to use smaller screens as double-paged displays? I'd like to read some opinions on that.

Btw., judging from the number of views of this thread there seems to be quite some interest in the topic.   Angel