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Full Version: Nord Stage 2 not receiving USB Midi commands properly
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Long time user of MobileSheets and MobileSheets Pro, I decided to start utilising MSP's MIDI capabilities. I got it to work, but for some reason if I put other than patch changing MIDI commands (e.g. turning synth section on in a patch where it isn't turned on originally) to a song, it doesn't trigger it unless I load another song without MIDI commands and return to the song in question! Is there a lag in NS2 MIDI system or am I doing something wrong?

I'm using two Control Changes, one to determine the Bank and another that's just 0 and 0 (NS2 sent it to MSP when changing banks so I just put it there) and Program Change that determines which patch I want to use. I tried just adding another Control Change after Program Change and adding an "empty" (0 and 0) in between but neither works.


MrSitcom from Finland