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Full Version: Feature Request - Song Edit Improvement & Record Ability
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Hello! I'm about to be importing a bunch of songs, and I've noticed a couple of things that would make things a bit easier in the song editor. I'm excited to begin using this program and believe it will be my solution for music reading for quite a long time to come!

The first thing that would be useful is to be able to see a preview of the first page of the song in the "fields" tab of the song editor. I find myself flipping between the "Files" tab (which offers a preview) and the "fields" tab a bunch to pull any data not already populated, such as Author, Tempo, and Key. Since most of this information can usually be gathered from the first page of a piece of music, it would be SO helpful to be able to see a preview in that screen. 

Finally, I would love to see the ability to record in-app. As an example: It would be great to record audio, from the app, while I direct a choir in rehearsal. The recording could be automatically associated with the song, and I could then go back later and listen to it to further fine-tune my rehearsal process and see if there's anything I hear after-the-fact that I missed in the moment. 

These are just some ideas that I think would be most beneficial to people. Thank you for your consideration! Let me know if there is anything I can do to support this app, its development, and its community of users. I am pumped about this solution for music score viewing in Windows 10. Thank you so much for all your hard work!