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Full Version: ChordPro and pinch zoom
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Since 2.6.5 it is possible to resize (pinch zoom) a ChordPro song, which will change the size of lyrics and chords and so on. While a very nice feature, it is too easy.

I've been bitten several times already by accidentally triggered pinch zoom, just by handling the tablet. This may be the price to pay for a modern tablet with small borders around the touch screen -- it is easy to accidentally touch the sensitive part of the screen.

I would prefer pinch zoom in performance mode to only make changes temporary, and not save them. In edit mode, a confirm dialog could be shown to save or discard the changes. If that is too complex I would welcome a global setting to disable pinch zoom for ChordPro songs.
In performance mode, pinch zooming of any kind should be disabled. I just tested this on my Android tablet, and in performance mode, pinch zooming a chord pro file did nothing. Can you verify that you are still able to zoom in performance mode? 

I have another user that doesn't like how the new zooming works and wants an option to use the old approach for chord pro files (to zoom in/out the page instead of increasing/decreasing font size). So if I need to add a setting for that, I suppose I could make it a dropdown where you could choose how to handle zooming. The choices would be [Disabled], [Increase/Decrease Font Size], [Enlarge/Shrink Page]. What are your thoughts on that?

My fault, I assumed song display mode to be performance mode but apparently performance mode needs to be turned on explicitly.
Still, even in song display mode I would rather have pinch zoom disabled.

As for the global setting, I think being able to choose between [Disabled], [Increase/Decrease Font Size], [Enlarge/Shrink Page] is fine.
Would it be an option to have Song Display mode automatically enable Performance Mode while still being able to exit performance mode using the quick action box?
I could certainly add an option like that if it would be useful to you. Normally if you enable performance mode, you are properly in the middle of performing and won't want to toggle that off. So I'm curious in what scenario you would want performance mode automatically toggled on if you didn't already enable it beforehand.

I think it is relevant in two situations, on stage and off stage.

On stage, when I have a gig, I prepare the equipment, tablet, pedals. Then I start MSPro, select the appropriate setlist and load it. From then on it is just playing. Of course, I should have enabled performance mode before starting to play, but I never think about it at the right time.

Off stage, when discussing songs with others I often call up the song (song display). Then it is far too easy for me to accidentally pinch zoom the song, effectively destroying the carefully selected settings of chords and lyrics sizes.

In both cases it would be helpful (for me) if calling up a song would automatically enable performance mode.
I've also found out why it is too easy to accidentally 'pinch zoom': due to the high resolution of the S4 (2560x1600) a scroll-swipe with two fingers close together is seen as a pinch instead of a swipe. On the Note2 (1280x800) I need to spread the fingers apart to initiate a pinch.
I use the standard Google gesture detectors for pinching, scrolling, etc. So I'm surprised you don't encounter this same problem in other Android applications. As a side note, why are you performing a two finger scroll instead of using a single finger? 

I guess that's a long grown habit... I'm a guitar player so I have long(er) nails on my right hand. Usually the index finger has the longest nail (a.k.a. built-in plectrum). So my habitual gesture is to use my middle finger for swiping, and the ring finger is then always close, sometimes touching the screen.
Until now it didn't matter but the for the more sensitive screen of the S4 apparently it does...
I will have to adjust my habits. Or wait until you add automatic performance mode Wink .