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Full Version: Possible to sort setlist by Key?
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I don't see any way to choose "Key" as a column in a setlist view. The sort menu doesn't list "Key" as an option, and adding more than one Key to the Search option doesn't group them by Key.

I ask because as my various setlists grow, I have to flip levers constantly on my harp as I move from song to song, and it would be so much easier to have the possibility to view a larger setlist grouped by key, rather than multiple smaller ones just to get this result.

It is more than possible I have overlooked some setting or other that already gives this option, but I have spent some time today going through the manual and the forum, but not finding it.

I have both the Android version and Windows version, so any suggestions will be appreciated.
You will probably have to sort manually in the edit mode. I have the keys set to display in the 'Song Title Formatting>caption format', which is done in 'settings>library settings>song title formatting'.
Thank you so much for your reply. I'll have a look in the settings right away.