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Full Version: MSP Backup Fails
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I'm attempting to switch my library to another tablet bc this tablet's screen cracked.

I'm trying to upload my database to my DropBox.

It takes about an hour and when it finally reaches 100%, I get an error

The Backup has filed to complete due to the following:

Failed to upload /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/cache/MobileSheetsPro_2019-07-10.msb to Dropbox

I'm on the current version of MSP.

My android tablet is on Android 5.

How can I move this library to another tablet if the backup via DropBox is failing?
My library seems to be about 50mb. (About 988 PDFs)
If the Dropbox upload fails, I would recommend first backing up to your device, then use the Dropbox app to upload the file. See if this allows you to get through it with no errors. 

I didn't know this but this specific tablet was signed in to my wife's dropbox....which is at 104% capacity  Dodgy

I signed into my dropbox and was able to save the library to the internal storage of the tablet and then upload straight to dropbox via the dropbox app.

Sorry for my premature thread.
I'm glad it was something simple.