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Full Version: Start midifile on Yamaha keyboard from MSP
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I'm new to MSP and have a question:

I want to add a midi file (song) to my song in MSP and start it e.g. with a button, similar to an audio file. I want it to be played on my keyboard (Yamaha PSR S910) which I would like to pair with my tablet via bluetooth. I have a midi bluetooth adapter therefore.

Can someone give me some tips how to make this work in MSP?
MobileSheetsPro does not currently support playing back a MIDI file with a connected MIDI device. You can only send individual commands. To support doing something like sending a file to a device (which I do plan on eventually adding), I would need to have a MIDI sequencer implemented that would read through each MIDI event in the file and send them at the appropriate time. That means also providing a way of stopping that MIDI playback as it could take awhile to play through the entire MIDI song.