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Full Version: Confused about licensing ...
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Hello Mike,

I wanted to install my bought Android MSP on another family tablet for providing a testing bed to some interested co-player, but the PlayStore requested another 14 EUR from me. Is this normal?

Kind regards,
Well it seems to be eligible for the family.

Did you everything necessary for the "Familienmediathek"?
If you either use family sharing or the same Google account is active on both devices, then you should be able to install the app without having to pay again. Note that the email address that is used must stay active on the device otherwise you will fail future license checks and updates will not be delivered to you through the Play Store.


thanks for the affirmation that it shouldn't be a problem on your side. I contacted Google Service to get the issue solved. So far no response with real content.   Undecided 

I'll keep you informed as soon as I get any qualified answer ...

If they are not able to help you, let me know and we'll find a way around it. The last time I contacted them about users running into this issue, they just told me to refer them to this:

I doubt that will be helpful, but I figured I would mention it.

Hi Mike,

thanks for your support!

Indeed, the cited procedure was exactly what my GooglePlay support chat counterpart suggested - without the desired result.   Undecided 

Alright, send me an email at and let's work on installing the version I distribute myself instead of relying on Google Play.

(07-31-2019, 02:34 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]Alright, send me an email at and let's work on installing the version I distribute myself instead of relying on Google Play.

Hi Mike,

I have got an alike issue here. (I have also sent an email through the website online support page.)

From this thread I have learned that I should be able to install MobilesheetsPro on 2 devices used by me with the same account (and fully synced). However Google Play does not let me install it on a second device without buying it, and when I try to buy the second version it tells me it was already bought and also does not allow installation either.

Can you please help me out here?

Many thanks in advance

I responded to your email, but your purchase through Google Play lets you install on every device you own. You don't need a second purchase. If you are unable to install for some reason, I'll need to know which account you purchased under (email it back to me).

This happened to me when I did a factory reset on one tablet and purchased another tablet.

For the first one, it directed me to pay again and I just did it (not a huge deal, I figured).

When it happened again for the other tablet and I confirmed with Mike that should not have happened, I recall getting to the MS program on Play another way within Google Play and then it did not charge me.

So, it seems to be some glitch with Google Play?

I would recommend finding Mobilesheet various ways on Play (as an an already purchased app) and then back out and find the program again (I am sorry I forgot what I did exactly).

After doing this, it allowed me to download and install without charging me.

I hope this helps (and makes a little sense!).