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Full Version: Deleting many songs by a list
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I used a CSV file to import several hundred songs from a PDF fakebook. I was expecting to get the dialog to add the songs to a collection after the import, but didn't. I would have liked to have added the songs to a collection named after the fakebook they came from. I've since figured out how by adding a "collections" column to the CSV file. I can't figure out how to fix this easily. How to delete the songs imported by this CSV so I can do it over without creating a lot of duplicate songs?

Look in the recent tab. If you didn't open any (or many) other files, they should be the last couple hundred of entries there which you can select and add to the collection you want.
Thanks for the tip, but many, many more have been imported since.
If you sort by date created on the songs tab, you should be able to locate the last song added from the CSV, and select all the songs down to the first one added from the CSV. You can use the companion application to shift-select if you have a large number of songs to delete. I haven't found a good way to implement a ranged selection on android yet (I need to look into adding options when the checkbox is long pressed).

But don't delete, just assign the selected ones to the collection you want to assign them (if that's the only thing you want to correct by reimport).
BRX is correct, if you just want to make sure they are assigned to a collection, there is no need to delete them.
Thanks BRX and Mike. I'll give it a try. The other way I was wanting to approach this is to search for songs that are not in any collection, but I couldn't find a filter for that. That might be a handy feature besides this particular issue. I set the song display to show the collections with each song's name and saw that I had been very rigorous about assigning a collection to all imports since that early CSV import, so all the songs I want to delete are probably this set of unassigned songs, about 270/4250 song density. I probably could have gone through and done it manually by now, but I like elegant solutions Smile And it's a great way to learn about the software!

Is there a central repo for CSV files or are they just referenced and included in various messages on this list? I've made about 6 for myself for some common jazz fake books and I'd like to post them in the best place for sharing (or find out I reinvented the wheel).

There is no central repo at the moment. Just these two threads to my knowledge:

To find your songs with the missing collection:
1. On Android you can filter by "File Paths". This has been added in one of the last versions. Don't know why that hasn't made it into the Win10 version.
2. If you go to Library Settings - Song Title Formatting and add "FIle names" to the beginning of the song name the songs will be sorted on the songs tab first by filename. Remove "File Names" again when you're done
Please add your CSV Files to "General Discussion > CSV Files". One thread per fakebook and set the thread title to "CSVFile for ..."
Please write "CSVFile" without blank. Thus the thread can be found through the search function. It requires keywords to be at least four characters long, so we cannot search for just "CSV"
I have in mind to move or copy all CSV files that are spread around in the forum here that way. But it has very low priority for me as there seemed not to be a lot of interest and participation.
And I also have a lot of CSV files sleeping on my computer waiting to be shared.
To create a collection of songs not already in a collection, do the following

  1. Create a new collection to hold the songs
  2. Ensure the filter is visible
  3. Select the collection filter
  4. "Select all" in the filter and set the mode (at the top) to "Exclude"
  5. At the top of the right hand column, press on the"double left arrow". This adds all of the songs to the collection  eing edited

Ah! The elegant solution! I already deleted them using the creation date sort and manually selecting them. This method did turn up some more orphans and one song that had a title several pages long! I tracked that down to one of the CSV files I used had one entry with both an unmatched single quote and an unmatched double quote in the song name and the import just made the rest of the CSV file the song name.