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Full Version: CSV export ?
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I have several books in MSP. The library size (no Audio) is 3.4GB.
All songs are imported as single PNG-files.

Step by step I have filled in the meta data such as keys, signature, composer and so on.
I am able to create a new pdf-album by print a selection to PDF.

Now I would like to export a fitting CSV-file containing all meta data.

Is this possible?

It seems to me as if library synchronisation and backup work faster with PDF/CSV-files instead of single files.
Is this correct?
Yes, you can use "Create Songlist" to create CSV files, see
When you have successfully created the PDF and its matching CSV you might be also interested in this:
Hallo itsme,

vielen Dank! Ich habe es mit Ihrer guten Beschreibung hin bekommen!
Nur das Format %SIGNATURE% zickt ein wenig rum. aus "4/4" wird 04.04.2019 usw.
Aber das ist mit find&replace lösbar.

Hello itsme,

Thanks a lot! I got it with your good description!
Only the format % IGNATURE% makes some problems. "4/4" becomes 04.04.2019 etc.
But that can be solved with find & replace.
Isn't that a (mis)feature of the spreadsheet you are using? It seems to try 'intelligently' guess what kind of data is in the cell.
I could reproduce the issue with %SIGNATURE% when I open the CSV in Excel. In LibreOffice Calc it works fine for me.
If you still have issues also in LibreOffice Calc try changing the column type from "Standard" to "Text"